Buddha Sandalwood Bracelet

Dark brown

Serenity in Style: The Buddha Sandalwood Bracelet

Inner peace, compassion and mindfulness are yours to discover with our Buddha Sandalwood Bracelet. This exquisite bracelet is not only a fashion accessory, but also a meaningful reminder of Buddhist principles, making it a must-have for those on a spiritual journey or looking to enhance their style. Crafted from authentic sandalwood beads, this Buddha Bracelet exudes a natural, soothing aroma that is both calming and grounding. The earthy fragrance of sandalwood is known to promote relaxation and mindfulness, aligning perfectly with the fundamental principles of Buddhist philosophy. 

Whether you're an experienced practitioner or just beginning to explore Buddhist teachings, wearing this Buddha Bracelet can help you stay centered and focused on your path to inner peace. The sandalwood bracelet is not only a symbol of spirituality, but also a versatile fashion accessory. Its simple yet elegant design allows it to complement any outfit, whether casual or dressy. Worn alone or in combination with other bracelets, it adds a touch of serenity and thoughtfulness to your personal style. 

Details of Buddha Sandalwood Bracelet

  • Mala sandalwood bracelet
  • Meticulous, precise details
  • Number of beads: 108 beads
  • Standard bracelet size: 19 cm
  • Bead diameter: 8 mm
  • Available colors: Dark brown, Black
  • Limited quantity
  • Free shipping