Mala Beads Necklace

6mm Howlite

The Sacred Path: White Howlite Prayer Beads Necklace

Handcrafted from authentic White Howlite beads, each imbued with its unique natural beauty and energy, this Mala Beads Necklace offers more than just aesthetic charm. White Howlite is revered for its tranquil and calming properties, making it an ideal companion for your spiritual journey. This Mala Necklace features a fringe design, blending spirituality seamlessly with style. The 108 beads represent a sacred number in many spiritual traditions, allowing you to count your mantras and focus your meditation effortlessly. Wear it with intention, carry it with grace, and let the serenity of White Howlite guide you on your spiritual journey.

Whether you're a convinced yogi, a devoted practitioner of Buddhism or Hinduism, or simply someone seeking inner peace and mindfulness, our Mala Necklace is a meaningful accessory that can deepen your spiritual connection and enhance your meditation practice. Move smoothly from meditation to memorable moments with our Mala Bead Necklace. Its thoughtful design allows you to integrate it into your daily routine, while its exceptional beauty makes it an accessory of choice for special occasions. Our necklace can be worn daily and on special occasions, reminding you that spirituality and elegance can coexist harmoniously. 

Details of Mala Beads Necklace

  • Natural stone: howlite
  • Necklace with knotted pearls for women
  • 108 Mala pearl
  • jewelry for meditation, yoga and prayer
  • Limited quantity
  • Free shipping