Buddha Wood Prayer Bead Bracelet

Owl of Enlightenment: Buddha Wood Prayer Bead Bracelet

Find the perfect blend of spirituality and style with our Buddha Wood Prayer Bead Bracelet, a gorgeous piece designed to resonate with both devout Buddhists and fashion enthusiasts. This Buddha Bracelet is meticulously crafted from sacred wood beads and features a beautifully detailed metal owl charm. Our Energy Bracelet offers a unique opportunity to express your faith, spirituality or appreciation of exquisite jewelry. The wooden beads used in this Buddha Beads Bracelet are not only beautiful, they also carry a sense of holiness, making them a meaningful accessory to wear every day. 

Wearing this Buddha Bracelet recalls the profound teachings of Buddha and the importance of mindfulness and inner peace in our lives. The centerpiece of this Energy Bracelet, the metal owl charm, symbolizes wisdom and intuition. Owls are known for their keen perception and ability to see through the dark, making them a perfect representation of the wisdom sought on the path to enlightenment. If you're a devout practitioner of Buddhism or someone who appreciates the fusion of spirituality and fashion, our Buddha Beads Bracelet is a remarkable choice that lets you carry the essence of sacred prayer and wisdom with you throughout the day.

Details of Buddha Wood Prayer Bead Bracelet

  • Wooden bracelet
  • Precise details
  • Stainless steel pendant
  • Easy-to-thread elastic strap
  • Standard bracelet size: 19 cm
  • Bead diameter: 8 cm
  • Available model: Unique
  • Limited quantity
  • Free shipping