Wooden Bead Buddha Bracelet

Chakra Harmony: Wooden Bead Buddha Bracelet with Metal Buddha Head

Enrich your spiritual journey and your style with our Wooden Bead Buddha Bracelet, which perfectly combines Buddhist symbolism with fashion-forwarddesign. This bracelet is meticulously crafted with wood beads, adorned with vibrant beads representing the colors of the seven chakras, and featuring a beautifully detailed metal Buddha head charm. This Buddha Bracelet is designed to resonate with devoted Buddhists and fashion enthusiasts alike, making it an ideal accessory for those looking to express their spirituality or enhance their style. The combination of wooden beads and chakra-colored stones adds a touch of mindfulness to your everyday look.

Wearing this Buddha Bracelet can help balance and align these chakras, promoting physical and spiritual harmony. The bracelet's centerpiece, the metal charm in the shape of Buddha's head, recalls Buddha's teachings and the path to enlightenment. It embodies wisdom, compassion and inner peace, and is a source of inspiration and attention. Whether you're a devout practitioner of Buddhism or someone who appreciates the fusion of spirituality and fashion, our Buddha Beads Bracelet is a meaningful and elegant choice. It allows you to carry the essence of Buddha's chakras and teachings with you throughout the day.

Details of Wooden Bead Buddha Bracelet

  • Wood and stone bracelet
  • Silver Buddha head
  • Precise details
  • Easy-to-thread elastic bracelet
  • Standard bracelet size: 19 cm
  • Bead diameter: 8 cm
  • Available model: Unique
  • Limited quantity
  • Free shipping