Authentic Mala Bead Bracelet

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6mm beads
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Spiritual elegance: the Mala Brilliant Black Bracelet

Enhance your meditation and yoga practice with our Authentic Mala Bead Bracelet, meticulously crafted for spiritual seekers and mindfulness practitioners. Carefully crafted, this exquisite Mala Bracelet features lustrous natural black beads strung on a durable elastic cord, offering a blend of aesthetics and functionality. The authentic, radiant black beads resonate with grounding and protective energies. Each bead has been hand-selected for its unique quality and beauty. Designed for ease and comfort, the Mala Beads Bracelet is strung on a high-quality elastic cord, making it adjustable to fit wrists of various sizes. This ensures a snug yet comfortable fit during your meditation and yoga sessions.

Beyond its spiritual benefits, our Authentic Mala Bead Bracelet makes for a stunning fashion accessory. Its timeless design allows you to wear it confidently, whether you're at a yoga class or a casual outing. The 108 beads on this bracelet hold spiritual significance in many cultures and practices. They can be used for counting mantras, breaths, or intentions, deepening your connection to your meditation or yoga practice. Enhance your daily rituals and embrace a sense of tranquility and focus. Elevate your style and spiritual journey, order your Mala Bracelet today.

Details of Authentic Mala Bead Bracelet

  • Origin: Tibetan pearls
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Technique: Tibetan handicraft, handmade
  • Meaning : A Buddhist bracelet is a spiritual jewel of great value.
  • French sizing: Adjustable to all wrist sizes, thanks to a flexible, resistant elastic band
  • Limited quantity
  • Free delivery

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