Buddha Mala Bead Bracelet

Buddha Mala Bead Bracelet - Embrace Peace, Meditation, and Spiritual Growth

Embark on a journey towards inner peace, meditation, and spiritual enlightenment with our Buddha Mala Bead Bracelet. This Buddha Bracelet is designed to resonate with individuals of all spiritual backgrounds and beliefs, offering a tangible connection to tranquility and spiritual exploration. This meticulously handcrafted Energy Bracelet features authentic Black Onyx, White Howlite, and Grey Jasper beads. Black Onyx represents grounding and protection, White Howlite encourages calm and inner peace, while Grey Jasper fosters stability and balance. 

The wrap-style bracelet provides both comfort and style, allowing you to adjust the fit to your wrist. The beads encircle your wrist, creating a harmonious connection with your inner self. The combination of Black Onyx, White Howlite, and Grey Jasper beads creates a visually captivating and meaningful accessory that complements a wide range of outfits. Wearing this Buddha Beads Bracelet invites the combined energies of grounding, inner peace, and stability into your daily life. Embrace the inherent power of natural stones to inspire inner peace and balance. 

Details of Buddha Mala Bead Bracelet

  • Natural stone beads bracelet
  • Meticulous, precise details
  • Bracelet size: 19 cm
  • Stones: Black Onyx, White Howlite, Grey Jasper
  • Limited quantity
  • Free shipping