Chakra and Lava Stone Bracelet

Lava Stone Magic: Your Key to Inner and Outer Success

Elevate your personal and professional growth with our Chakra and Lava Stone Bracelet, a meticulously crafted accessory designed for those seeking holistic well-being. This Chakra Bracelet features a stretchable band adorned with semi-precious stones and zinc alloy accents. Harness the energies of nature and tradition with the combination of lava stones and chakra-aligned semi-precious stones. The lava stones provide grounding and strength, while the carefully selected stones corresponding to the seven chakras promote balance and harmony. As you wear the Chakra and Lava Stone Bracelet, you'll find a daily reminder to prioritize your inner balance, both personally and professionally.

This lava stone and chakra bracelet is not only an elegant accessory, it's also a declaration of your commitment to self-improvement and well-being. Embrace the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern elegance with the 7 Chakra Bracelet and enhance every aspect of your life. Unlock the potential for personal and professional growth with this unique accessory. Courage, determination and ease of analysis will be your everyday allies thanks to the virtues of the natural stones in this 7 chakras lithotherapy bracelet. Order your Chakra Stones Bracelet today and discover the transformative power it can bring to your life.

Details of Chakra and Lava Stone Bracelet

  • Material of this 7 Chakras Pierre De Lave Bracelet: Elastic with semi-precious stones and zinc alloy
  • Natural stones used in this bracelet: Stones of the 7 chakras (Amethyst, Lapis-Lazuli, Aventurine, Tiger's Eye, Amber, Obsidian) and Lava Stones.
  • Pearl size: 6mm
  • Special features of this bracelet : Bracelet 7 Chakras Tree of Life and Lotus Flower, Bracelet Mala 7 Chakras
  • Bracelet length: 35 ~ 38cm
  • Limited quantity
  • Free delivery