Chakra Mala Bracelet

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Mala Pendant
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Discover Inner Peace with our Chakra Mala Bracelet

This is the Chakra Mala Bracelet, a finely crafted accessory created for Buddhist practitioners and spiritual jewelry aficionados alike. This exquisite bracelet is meticulously designed with a stretchy elastic cord, adorned with sacred Tibetan beads that align with the body's chakras. It serves as a potent tool for meditation and spiritual alignment. Each bead represents one of the seven chakras, enabling you to balance and energize your vital energy centers as you use it during meditation or wear it as a symbol of your spiritual journey. This handmade Mala Bracelet will help you open your Chakras. You'll wear on your wrist all the power of the Buddhist monk who charged it with energy by stringing the beads one by one.

This bracelet's elastic design ensures a comfortable and adjustable fit for most wrist sizes, allowing you to carry its spiritual significance with you throughout the day. Whether you are deepening your Buddhist practice or simply seeking a meaningful accessory, our Mala Bracelet combines elegance with spiritual depth. Wear the Chakra Mala Bracelet with pride, and let it be a constant reminder of your commitment to inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. Embrace the energy of the Tibetan beads and align your chakras with this timeless and meaningful piece of jewelry.

Details of Chakra Mala Bracelet

  • Origin: 108 sacred Tibetan beads
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Technique: Handcrafted by a monk in Zenitude
  • Meaning : Sacred Buddhist bracelet
  • French size: Adjustable and adaptable for all.
  • Limited quantity
  • Free elivery