Chakra Protection Bracelet

Strengthen Your Aura with the Chakra Protection Bracelet

Discover the Chakra Protection Bracelet, a specially crafted accessory designed to help you connect with your inner energy and achieve a sense of balance and protection. This unique Chakra Bracelet is handcrafted with care, featuring an elastic band for a comfortable and adjustable fit, adorned with genuine gemstones. Each stone in the 7 Chakra Bracelet resonates with a specific chakra, allowing you to tap into your body's energy centers and promote balance, harmony, and protection.

Embrace the power of the Chakra Protection Bracelet, which will become an essential part of your daily life. Wear this Seven Chakra Bracelet as a symbol of your commitment to nurturing your inner energy. 7 Chakras Bracelet is made of natural gemstones, making it a beautiful and unique addition to your jewelry collection. Order yours today and embark on a journey to deeper spiritual connection and inner peace.

Details of Chakra Protection Bracelet

  • Composition of this reiki bracelet: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Tiger eye, Amber, Red onyx, Jade, Zinc alloy
  • Size of this reiki bracelet: 17~21cm
  • This healing bracelet is perfect for harmonizing your chakras
  • This genuine stone bracelet is full of essential virtues for your happiness
  • Limited quantity
  • Free delivery