Seven Chakra Bracelet

A Touch of Zen: The Tree of Life and Seven Chakra Bracelet

The Tree of Life and Seven Chakras Bracelet is a stunning and spiritually significant piece of jewelry that combines the symbolism of the Tree of Life with the balancing properties of the Seven Chakras. This Chakra Bracelet is a captivating fusion of style, spirituality and healing energy. The Seven Chakra Bracelet is composed of white and gray stones and seven distinct natural gems or crystals, each representing one of the seven primary chakras of the human body. In the center of the Chakra Stones Bracelet, there is a meticulously crafted Tree of Life charm, often made of silver or another durable and attractive material. The Tree of Life charm is intricately designed, symbolizing growth, connection, and balance in life.

The seven different chakra stones can help unblock and balance your energy centers. The tree of life charm adds a touch of symbolism and good luck. These natural stones are believed to possess unique energy properties that can help clear, activate, and harmonize the corresponding chakras when worn close to the skin. This 7 Chakra Bracelet is not only a fashionable accessory but also a meaningful tool for those seeking to enhance their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It encourages self-awareness and the alignment of one's energy centers.

Details of Seven Chakra Bracelet

  • Composition of this chakra harmonization bracelet: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Tiger eye, Amber, Red onyx, Jade, zinc alloy.
  • Size of this chakra harmonization bracelet: 17~21cm
  • This 7 chakras bracelet is perfect for restoring your chakras
  • This genuine stone bracelet contains essential virtues for your personal development
  • Limited quantity 
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