Tiger Eye Mala Necklace

Vintage-Inspired Tiger Eye Mala Necklace

For those seeking to integrate meditation, prayer, spirituality or mindfulness into their daily lives, our Tiger Eye Mala Necklace is a remarkable companion. Crafted from genuine natural tiger's eye stones, this vintage-inspired necklace is meticulously hand-knotted and features a teardrop pendant. It's the ideal piece of jewelry for women and men on the path of yoga and spirituality. Each bead in this Mala Necklace is a genuine Tiger Eye gemstone, known for its grounding and protective properties. Tiger Eye is believed to bring clarity, courage, and inner strength. The necklace is elegantly finished with a drop-shaped pendant, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and spiritual significance. 

Our Mala Necklace is lovingly hand-knotted, ensuring its durability and adding a touch of vintage charm. The knots also serve as markers for meditation or prayer practice. Whether you're a dedicated yogi, a meditation enthusiast, or simply someone looking to embrace mindfulness, our Tiger Eye Mala Necklace is designed to enhance your spiritual journey and elevate your style. This Mala Bead Necklaceis a unifying piece that encourages spiritual growth and self-awareness. Whether you're treating yourself or seeking a meaningful gift for a loved one, our Tiger Eye Mala Necklace carries the essence of love, support, and spiritual growth.

Details of Tiger Eye Mala Necklace

  • Material: Genuine Tiger Eye Stones
  • Pendant: Drop-shaped pendant design
  • Vintage design
  • 108 Mala beads
  • jewelry for men and women
  • Limited quantity
  • Free shipping